Privacy and Security
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Privacy and Security

Business Consulting and Executive Coaching
Privacy, Security and Cryptography
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Data, Your Most Precious Good

You heard of it. Scams, Phishing, Zero-Day Exploits, Ransomeware Attacks and Data Breaches.

Data security and privacy are two of the most sensitive aspects in the world of Digital. Despite that fact, it seems that we spend much less time discussing security and privacy protocols than other aspects digital strategies.

When comes to addressing security and privacy protocols they turn out to be not only technically challenging, but a frequently intimidating subject, yet it's one that can challenge the very foundation of your business.

From all the aspects missing in the governance structure of most organizations, security and privacy are the ones we believe are mostly underserved today.

We're here to help to address the weakest link: the habits of your executives and employees. Even with the best security infrastructure, it's the failure of the individual that creates the most vulnerabilities.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
Louís pasteur

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