Decentralization, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse


Decentralization, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse
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It's early days for Web3. Why should you care?

Web3 provides individual control and property rights: the ability to truly own a piece of the internet.

It aligns network participants to work together towards a common goal — the growth of the network.

Web3 empowers a collective owned future, over a corporate or government owned future. DeFi has grown from nearly zero to over $100 billion in less than two years, and the digital world is changing around us at an ever-increasing speed.

Ethereum rapidly expanded to in excess of 4k monthly developers, and several emerging ecosystems are on a similar trajectory.

Not what a blockchain looks like.

Innovation cycles are accelerating and we are witnesses to the advent of Web3 the third Digital Revolution bringing decentralization and trustless.
Web3 infrastructure will continue to improve, with the continued improvement and growth of non- Ethereum L1s and Ethereum L2s.

Creators will embrace NFTs in their own communities as
they discover how much better they can monetize by selling digital goods directly to their fans or web2monetization methods.

New web3 users who earn tokens through games and NFTs, will likely choose to save those tokens in DeFi protocols vs tradfi banks given the better rates and user experience, growing the number of DeFi users.

NFTs: truly custodian digital ownership

Expect many more experiments with DAOs, social tokens, decentralized social networks, web3 media, and other emerging categories. Some of these might break out in the same way DeFi, NFTs and web3 games did.

Smart contracts and trustless DAOs offer new opportunities for organizational structures, which are defined in code and rules set forward from the inception of the organization.

“Many artist’s brushwork is essentially invisible, making it impossible to unpick; it might be better to focus computer analysis on assessing canvases or paper”
Charles R. Jones

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